4 Smart Ways of Throwing a Party Without Having to Break the Bank

So last weekend, my dearest nephew turned the big 1! We held his birthday party at our place and taking inspiration from that, I wanted to write about the way you could throw ANY party without having to break the bank.

1.Location: Your house

The location of the party is definitely one of the important factors when it comes to the cost. So rather than having it at an expensive hotel or restaurant, host the party at your own place. You will definitely save the money you would otherwise be spending on an exquisite location.

Baby Keion’s party was held at our place. All we had to do spend on were to rent a few extra chairs for the guests.

If you have a big garden, get a few tables with umbrellas and voila! You can have yourself a garden party or an outdoor party.

2. Keep the invite list at a minimum 

Call it a birthday party, christening party, tea party…whatever! It’s still you celebrating something that is important. So keep the invite list at a minimum. Invite only the people you are really close to and the ones who are important to you. This would include relatives (we can’t miss out an uncle now, can we?), close friends and so on.

For our party, we invited our relatives and a few close friends, because sometimes it’s all about the quality and not the quantity. But if you want to go all out and invite Becky with the good hair, then go on… It’s your celebration after all!

3. Stick to fewer tiers on the cake

Coming to the second best thing about a party – the cake! Many people don’t know this, but a cake usually decreases in price with the lesser tiers it has. For example, a cake with three tiers would cost more than a cake with one tier. So keep the tiers in your cake at a minimum in order to save some cash.

4. Home-made decors

For Keion’s birthday we spent the least on decorations. We cut out stars using glittery paper and attached it with string and used it for the backdrop. My sister even did this thing where she printed out pictures of him throughout the year and pasted it up on the wall so that the guests were able to see how he has grown through the year. All what we spent on were the balloons which didn’t add up to much. All in all, the decors did their job and I was honestly surprised that home-made decors could look that good.

So there you go! Next time you host a party, you could do so by taking these things into account and save some cash. Make sure to send me an invite as well.

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