I’m from the little island of Sri Lanka and I love travelling and exploring all the wonderful things in life. Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean and lies just below India. Well-known for its tea and rubber, Sri Lanka is also rich for its culture and traditions.

I have been living in the hilly side of Sri Lanka since I was a kid. Kandy is a city famous for its annual Esala Perahera and The Temple of the Tooth. For my undergraduate studies, I moved to Colombo where I got to experience a fast-moving lifestyle compared to the slow-movements in Kandy.

Both these cities are rich in history and have many lovely places to visit. I am lucky to have been able to travel to most parts of Sri Lanka and enjoy various food dishes and experience new cities.



Writing has always been my passion. So what better way to combine two of my passions than by creating a blog. I’m hoping that this blog would help travellers around the world to gain some insight about the interesting cuisine in Sri Lanka as well as help my followers experience the places which I have visited.


For collaborations regarding my food and travel adventures, contact me.

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