Dreamin’ in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its shopping. I personally love going to Bangkok just to shop! In fact, I have made more than three trips to Bangkok, Thailand.

But in this post I want to focus on Dream World – the famous theme park in Thailand. I have been here about three times and the last time I went here was in 2012. So let’s backtrack 5 years back and take a trip down memory lane…

bangkok thailand

Every year, the entrance to Dream World is different and they decorate it in ways where tourists can take pretty pictures and enjoy the fun right from the start.

As you go in, you come across more statues, well-decorated places and objects you can use to take pretty pictures for your Instagram. No lie! Dream World is filled with photo opportunities every step of the way.

Mr. Bean statue
Mr. Bean

Having the map of the theme park is handy in order to find out where the best rides are at. Hands down the best rides are: ‘Splash’ (a roller coaster that goes on water and splashes you with water on impact), a roller coaster that takes you on a trip to the stars (it’s inside a small, dark building and as you whoosh past you see planets and stars around you) and the water canoe ride where you go in a mini man-made river which sprays water on you when you least expect it. The water rides are definitely my favourites, so I always make sure to pack an extra pair of clothes to change into after the water activities. If you are into the hardcore roller coasters, those are there as well. I remember there being around three death defying roller coasters which I was very scared to try! Best decision I have made so far.

theme park ride

In addition to that, Dream World also has a line of cable cars that will take you a trip around the theme park and give you an aerial view of the entire place.

bangkok thailand
Dream world

I remember there being a 4D theater which showed a 20 or 30 minute short movie which gives you the full 4D experience.

Dream World also has fruit vendors around the place if you are in need of a quick snack. There’s also a food court with average food as well as a KFC for that finger licking goodness. The park doesn’t lack in shopping. There’s a tunnel-like place with shop vendors on either side and there will be good ranging from all things Hello Kitty to customized goodies you could take back home.


All in all, Dream World is a great experience and is perfect for some family vacation fun! If you travel to Bangkok, make sure you visit Dream World. It will only take one entire day of your schedule, but it will be well worth it.

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