GUEST POST – The Best and Worst of 2017

To kick start the new year, I got a good friend of mine, Kanishka Kavirathna to sum up the best and worst moments of 2017. Read below and see if you agree with him. 


The year 2017 is coming to a close. While everyone is in the Christmas spirit and working their way through to their respective New Year Resolutions, let’s take a moment to travel back in time and recap the year.

A great number of events took place during the year. Some were great, some not so much and some, just makes us go “Eh?” Listed below are the events that I deemed worthy of being reflected back on.


1. A New Species of Orangutan Discovered in Indonesia

A group of researchers from the Universities of Zurich, Liverpool and the Sumatran Orangutan Conversation Programme (SOCP) announced in early November of a new species of Orangutan endemic to Indonesia. The news took on the interest of Wild Life activists to day-to-day animal lovers as this discovery is a ray of hope to the fast declining numbers of Great apes.

The research began in 1997 and the “Tanupali Orangutan” is the first new great ape to be discovered in over a century. With only just 8 great ape species in existence (including us), this unearthing is something to be truly remembered this year.

2. Comic Con: San Diego

Eidetic at San diego comic con

The San Diego Comic Con was an event the entire world anticipated this year and it took place from the 19th to 23rd of July at the San Diego Convention Centre. Few of the highlights of this 4 day ordeal included sneak peeks into Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity Warfare. But one of the main attractions of the event was the trailer and panel discussion for Justice League, for which thousands of DC fans worldwide flocked into.

The cherry on top of this sundae would be Eidetic. Eidetic is a short film produced by a young group of enthusiasts named “High School Junkies”. With hails in Negombo, the group put together this 16 minute video that in turn was screened at the International Film Festival at Comic Con 2017 held in San Diego, California. The film was internationally acclaimed and also marked the first time where a Sri Lankan produced film was televised at Comic Con.

Eventually, Eidetic took flight to be aired at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival and Action Packed Film Festivals in LA, Raindance Film Festival in London and Austin Action Fest in Texas. Kudos team! You make a country proud!


1. Death of Chester Bennington

Many would agree that the news of Linkin Park’s front man Chester Bennington committing suicide is one that will be “crawling in my skin” for a very long time. The news reached our ears on the 20th of July that the powerhouse of Linkin Park has committed suicide by hanging himself.

A lot of controversy followed the death, with many stories being brewed regarding the lyrics of the latest Linkin Park songs. In addition to that, another story that circulated the social media platforms was one of how the date of Chester’s death also happens to be the birthday of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, a dear friend of Chester’s who also committed suicide earlier this year.

Whatever controversies that exist and whatever controversies to follow, Chester Bennington will be dearly missed by his ardent fan base throughout the world.

2. Motor Racing Legend, Ananda Wedisinghe Passes Away

A deafening silence struck the Sri Lankan Motor Racing arena when legend Ananda Wedisinghe succumbed to his injuries at the intensive care unit of the Kandy general hospital on the 29th of May. The eight time Foxhill supercross champion met with an accident at the Nuwaraeliya road races which took place in April. The accident placed Wedisinghe in critical condition. Bidding goodbyes at just 47 years of age, Wedisinghe put forward an illustrious career in the field of Motor Racing and was an ardent supporter and forerunner in developing and supporting the arena for Motor racing.

In a world of controversies and coincidences, this is not the first time that the Nuwaraeliya road races has turned out to be a nightmare. On the 20th of April 2008, the road race took the life of Dilshan Bandaranayake. Again, an atrocious collision that took place almost exactly 9 years ago.

However at the end of the day, our country lost an outstanding individual whose lifetime of hard work brought honor to both himself and our motherland. For that should we be forever grateful.

3. Hurricane Harvey Strikes the US

Hurricane Harvey was on record the costliest hurricane to hit the United States, with damages amounting up to $200 billion. The series of events took place from the 25th to 30th of August resulting in catastrophic damage to the cities of Houston and San Antonio. The category 4 hurricane displaced an estimated 30,000 people flooding Texas and causing several landslides.

With damages in billions, the recovery phase took months and is still on going. Many of the affected have been patched through recovery efforts and there is also a handful who seems will be homeless for months to come. With all that residual calamity, makes one wonder how the Hurricane got its name. Not Harvey Specter for sure!


Thank you Kanishka for this beautiful piece of writing.  If you want to see what Kanishka looks like, check out my graduation vlog and sneak a peek at what went behind the scenes of our graduation.

A prayer also goes out to all the lives lost in the past year and here’s to wishing for a happier and blessed year ahead.

Happy New Year!

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