In Between Secret Alleys

There has been talk going around Kandy about some cafe that is in some alley and the word “secret” always followed. So one day I decided to get a couple of friends and go see what the hype was about.

It really did stay true to its words. It was a ‘secret cafe’ indeed in a very small alley. It’s easily recognizable since it’s at the far end of the alley and is very bright and colourful. The alley walls are filled with graffiti to go with the theme of the cafe.

As you climb up the stairs of the cafe and enter the venue, you instantly connect with the surroundings and the simplicity of the place. It’s a comparatively small cafe with plenty seating and the occassional Kandy breeze hitting you.

The food at the cafe are reasonably priced as well and they taste incredible.

We tried their Brownie Shake priced at 450/=. Little tip: it would taste better if you chuck the brownies and the ice cream in before drinking the milkshake since it just tastes bland without it.

We also had Cheese and Potato sandwiches. I personally loved the potatoes that were cut up.

My favourite would definitely be the smoothie bowl (I’m biased towards smoothie bowls). It was the Tropical Dream and it was indeed a tropical dream. It tasted so good and right now while I am writing this I am craving for another smoothie bowl from Secret Alley.

This is definitely a great place to chill with your friends and enjoy some good food while you’re in Kandy. So if you’re in Kandy or if you’re visiting, please do visit The Secret Alley Cafe. You will not regret it!

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Secret Alley Cafe – make┬ásure to drop in here when you’re in Kandy.

Shamindri and Kalana – the lovely people who joined me on my foodie adventure.

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