My trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

My trip to Vietnam was a spectacular one. We went to the Southern capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese Communist leader who later became President of the nation. He is widely venerated and loved by the people.
As you land in Ho Chi Minh my eye caught the lush green paddy fields mixed with the tall buildings in the suburbs and the city.

Bikes are the most common form of transportation method in Vietnam and spotting a car is a very rare sight. During traffic time, which happens to be almost always, another thing that takes you by surprise is the amount of bikes on the road.

Other than the amount of bicycles on the road, there are good markets and shops for tourists to buy good clothes,shoes and so on from. However, compared to the cheaper Thailand, the prices in Vietnam is much higher. But they are of good quality and durable.

A building that caught my sight was an opera house, but I never got the time to go inside. But the buildings in Vietnam are beautiful and breathtaking. They are beautifully designed and has a feel of Greece to it.

During our stay we were able to visit a museum which gave us great insight about the Vietnamese culture. It even had a picture of a huge oil painting which is told to be worth millions.

In addition to that, we also had the opportunity to visit a few religious places. One of them was a temple and another was another religious place of worship. The second place caught my attention since it was a new religion. The tour guide described it as a “mix of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam” and it seemed to be true since the way they worship was a mixture of the three.

It was so fascinating to watch these worshipers gather in their place of belief. Among these worshipers, there were many tourists who came to witness this great spectacle – just like us. It’s incredible and the discipline at this place was mesmerizing! It is something I would never forget.


Something else that I would not forget is the boat ride. We got onto a boat and rode along the waters of Vietnam, passing the  beautiful, quiet villages and to a little place for lunch. It was quite the memorable journey!

Compared to the the beauty in Vietnam, horrors of the Vietnam war still remains. We were taken by our tour guide to a place where the Vietnamese used to hide during the war times and he also showed us the traps that were used by them on American soldiers.

The places they used to hide were underground caves that go down several feet and the traps used were horrific. This is a clear reminder to everyone that no good comes from war – only death and sadness!

Overall, Ho Chi Minh was a great experience! I would definitely go back to to visit this country, but maybe to explore the Northern parts more.

Until next time… xoxo.

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