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gampola tower
Ambuluwawa Tower in Gampola

Today didn’t start off as a perfect day for travelling. It was gloomy and rainy, but that didn’t stop me from taking an hour long drive from Kandy to Gampola just to climb up the Ambuluwawa tower. I have been waiting to visit this location for ages and I finally got the chance to!

I paired my outfit with a cute top  by Alura and comfy pants and shoes fit for climbing, yet still looking fabulous!

The Ambuluwawa tower goes in the name of a multi-religious center since it serves exactly that purpose. There’s a tiny mosque, a kovil, a chapel and a bo tree which serves all the four main religions in Sri Lanka.

Chapel and Kovil found in Ambuluwawa

The ride up to Ambuluwawa is quite hectic since they were constructing the roads halfway, but I assure you that it is worth all the trouble.

You have the choice of either walking all the way up to the location of the tower or taking your vehicle up from the entrance and I highly recommend you take the vehicle since you will have to do a lot of climbing to go up the tower as well. Also, do not forget to take your National IDs since the security might ask for them randomly. Better to be safe than sorry!

Getting back to the pretty view… the tower itself is not properly maintained, but who is to complain? The view does the place enough justice. You can see all the way to Kadugannawa on a good, sunny day. Unfortunately, we didn’t go on a good, sunny day. Instead we chose a misty, rainy day and all we saw were mist and little greenery – which was good in it’s on way.

The view from Ambuluwawa with a glimpse of the Mahaweli River

There was a shorter tower in front of the Ambuluwawa tower and the mist was so powerful that it covered that tower within minutes. Check out the pictures from that tower before and after it was covered in mist down below.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud! You could feel the mist around you as you climb up and you wish how good it would have been if you brought a coat to keep yourself warm.

As you go up the tower the stairs get narrower and narrower – like, scary narrow! It was so narrow that only one person could go up or down at one time. I was leading my dad and my friend who accompanied me on the journey and I chickened out and didn’t want to go any further.

As we were climbing down the tower I was looking out at the scenery and I felt so grateful that I was born into this country with amazing greenery and the best views! This place is a must-visit for everyone!

A special thanks goes out to Alura for providing me with the outfit. Please follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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