Over the Clouds and Under the Sea

If you visit Malaysia, it’s the norm to visit the famous twin tower aka., the Petronas Towers.

Fun fact: The Petronas towers are named after Malaysia’s famous oil corporation, ‘Petroliam Nasional’, as said by our tour guide and as confirmed by my later research. Petroliam Nasional combines to form the word Petronas!

People in Malaysia work ON TIME. So if they tell you that they will take you in for the tour at 10.30am they will take you in, on the dot, at 10.30am. I loved this discipline that they had!

So yeah… our time was 10.30am and they took us straight up to the 80-something floor in a sort-of small, cramped up elevator which moves fast compared to other elevators which would take about 3 minutes to go up 8 floors. Sadly, as you go up the elevator you do not get to see the view around the city since it’s not made of glass. However, what waits beyond the doors is worth the claustrophobia (or that’s what I told myself).

The doors would open to the bridge that connects the two towers where you will be given about 10 minutes to take all the pictures in the world and enjoy the view on both sides. The view was unexplainable. It was amazing, and since I am a sucker for views… I was speechless!

After your time is up on the bridge, they would escort you to a few floors below (or above, I forgot. Sorry guys, I’m not a reporter. I just relate to you the amazing things I witness during my travels). There you will see several telescopes and cool 3D effects which you could play around with. I was utterly fascinated by the effects, as you can see on my vlog.

Once our twin towers visit was over we were dropped off at the KLCC aquarium.

The aquarium to me was quite disappointing. I personally loved the aquarium at Thailand better. I felt like it was bigger, better and had more varieties of fish and other sea life creatures. The KLCC one was definitely overrated.

But kudos to everyone who works hard there and the sea creatures for being such pretty exhibits for us humans to look at!

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