Pray for London, pray for Peace, pray for Humanity!

pray for london

Imagine… Imagine there’s no countries. No borders separating us, no one who would look at us twice because of our skin colour and no religion dividing us. Imagine all the people… living life in peace. Isn’t that what John Lennon has been telling us to do?

Isn’t it funny how it has been almost 50 years since the release of that song and humanity just doesn’t seem to be moving forward? Terror attacks and wars seems to be the norm, yet hearing a new attack does not cease to send shivers down our spines.

Today, I woke up to the grim news about what happened in London. How six people are dead and several are injured. Sure, I live in Sri Lanka and I am far from being a victim, but I have family and friends living in London. I could only imagine what the victims from the attack would have felt. Therefore, I decided to take a break from my regular travel writing and write about what’s more important.


pray for london

What’s the root cause for terrorism? Greed? Religion? Power? I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t pretend to know. But as a friend and I had a long discussion about this he said, “terrorists are just misguided, brain-washed human beings” and I do not disagree. If they kill in the name of religion, then they are truly misguided since in no holy book does it mention that people should be killed in the name of a higher power.

For example, the Quran has no place for terrorism since it mentions, “…whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” (Quran, 5:32).

So why is it that people kill in the name of a higher power I would not understand. Is the life of a million innocent civilians worth whatever you are fighting for? I think not. I think what they fail to understand is that, during a time of an attack, among the people in the crowd one of their family members could be there as well. A father, a mother, a sister…

pray for london

It is truly disgusting to see what is happening around the world. The world leaders need to take a stand and people need to put aside their differences and focus on embracing everyone for who they are and thereby, bringing about peace. Every action starts with one person. So, embrace your gay friend for who he is, embrace your Muslim friend for his religion and don’t discriminate him.

Peace is what we need. Peace is what the world needs. Enough with the killing and the destroying. Let’s focus on peace.

As I mentioned before, no religion encourages killing or terrorism. The basis of all religions is to be kind and show love to one another. We should all embrace our differences and stand up against terrorism. My thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone affected in London. Stay strong and stay hopeful!

I end this blog post with one thought: Peace.

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